Transforming inspiring ideas into innovative and reliable power products

We have been delivering customized products and services for customers in a range of industries since 2009. Heliox is dedicated to transforming inspiring ideas into innovative and reliable power products and services on the basis of intensive R&D and close collaboration with our commercial partners.

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Heliox group is an industry leader in power conversion with +250FTE operating in Europe and US with a strong focus on the energy transition. The Power Driven Division within Heliox-Group is responsible for the design, production, delivery and maintenance of product lines in the audio, industrial and professional LED segments.

Heliox Power Driven consists of a small, but dedicated team of technical, commercial and procurement specialist. The yearly revenue, earned by business to business customers is around EUR 10M and growing. As a key component supplier we work closely with OEM companies who are leaders in their specific niche market. Strong part of our company is the deep understanding and knowhow of electronics. This together with in depth knowledge of design and the manufacturing of our innovative products.

Our history

Through the years
  • PRE was founded in 1983 under the name of Power Research Electronics. Products as DC/DC converters, Mains-supplies, Chargers and Inverters were designed and produced with leading edge technology.
  • Power Research Electronics name was shortened to PRE with additional “Power Developers”, which underlines the innovation power. Shift to durable power topologies such as LED, Solar and Wind.
  • Heliox Power Products launched, producing products and delivering services for demanding markets like audio, automotive, defense, light, medical, solar and high-tech industry.
  • Heliox Group and PRE joined forces. The addition of PRE to the portfolio will help Heliox and PRE Power Developers achieve their joint mission to become the leading player in the development of unique power products.
  • Within the Heliox Group, a new business unit emerged - Heliox Power Driven with the goal of become a market leader in the LED Lighting, Audio & Power Modules markets.

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Sustainability Objectives

Based on our sustainability impact areas, we have clearly defined objectives corresponding to each of the three motivations. Each of these not only has a clearly measurable outcome, but also an owner from within the core management team who “owns” the objective and will work to ensure the pathway is clear, tangible, transparent and in the mid-term, on track.

Discover our sustainability vision
Circular Economy

Reduction residual waste per person

By 2025: Reduction of 25%
By 2030: Reduction of 70%

Circular Economy

Packaging for all products placed on  the  market  are  recyclable  or  re-usable  and  has  recycled  content.

By 2025: 70-80%
By 2030: 90-100%

Circular Economy

100% of the chargers put in the market are eligible for Take back and recycling (EU only)

By 2025: 100%
By 2030: 100%

Circular Economy

Recovery rate raw materials/components taken back chargers

By 2025: 50%
By 2030: 80%

Climate Change

Absolute Reduction CO2 emission scope 1 & 2

By 2025: 5%
By 2030: 60%

Climate Change

Reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions at main assemblers (=Heliox scope 3)

By 2025: 15%
By 2030: 40%

Social Responsibility

Purchase of carbon credits to support indigenous people and biodiversity based on   emissions of transporting products to customer (scope 3)

By 2025: 25%
By 2030: 75%

Social Responsibility

Employee satisfaction increase

By 2025: 25%
By 2030: 60%

Social Responsibility

Suppliers signed CoC

By 2025: 50%
By 2030: 80%

Social Responsibility

Company CMRT in place and updated
Monitor waste streams at Heliox, categorise them and separate residual waste into recyclable waste and waste to energy.

Social Responsibility

Annual contribution to social fund at a net profit above 10 million

By 2025: 50k
By 2030: 100k


Publish an external verified GRI report

Our Sustainability Goals

Discover our sustainability vision
Objective 1

Achieve 100% reclaim rate initially for European Union (End of Use) products in 2025

Includes both material health and material re-utilisation at the end of its 10/15-year lifecycle.

Objective 2

Ensure all packaging material put in the market by Heliox is 100% recyclable and/or has recycled content by 2025

Monitoring, improving, and ensuring not just recyclability at the end of product use, but also the source product having partially or completely undergone a recycling process. Also in alignment with SDG 12.

Objective 3

Zero emission goals in Scope 1 (direct GHG) and Scope 2 (indirect GHG) by 2025

Heliox will work towards green energy substitutes for heating and owned vehicles, and reduce Scope 2 emissions with the use of green electricity. Supporting SDG 13, these actions are taken to combat climate change and its impacts.

Objective 4

Enable Social fairness in the way we build and procure products, support e-mobility transition and create opportunities.

This involves working towards a Fair supply chain via certification/mass balance method (or similar), setting up of a joint SDG fund with a potential benefit to 5,000 people and ensuring education / knowledge-sharing opportunities with those with limited access.

Objective 5

Reduce residual waste 25% by 2025

Monitor waste streams at Heliox, categorise them and separate residual waste into recyclable waste and waste to energy.


Initial communiqué to be release by end of Q1 2022 

Thereafter, Heliox will endeavour to issue an annual report, with transparent data insights en route to achieving key goals by 2025.